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**Important Update**

Guardians and Students --  The URL (web address) has changed for the FCPS Infinite
Campus Parent/Student Portal.  If you have desktop shortcuts, web
browser favorites and/or web browser toolbar favorites please update those to
the new URL below.  A “redirect” will be in place for the next 90 days,
meaning if you access the old web address it will prompt you to visit the new
site instead. Click on the link listed on the screen. However, do not depend on
the redirect; the redirect is not permanent.

New URL:

To learn more about Parent Portal, please visit: Fayette County's Infinite Campus Homepage.

To Establish a Parent Portal Account: 

Please click the following link Electronic Request for Parent Portal Activation Key or email with the following information: guardian full name, guardian preferred email address, street address, student name, student birth date and school attending.  Learn more: Infinite Campus FAQ Site

To Request an Account Reset:
Please email


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